Sunset Surfing in Encinitas

Sunset surfing is the best, and this was a session for the books! Aside from the mixed up swells and spring winds, there have been some gorgeous days down in Encinitas after the La Nina rains finally subsided. The day before, the surf was too small, the day after, too blown out. It’s been stunning around North County with the super bloom of wildflowers on the cliffs and the loggy waves below.

Dominica: The Nature Island

Somewhere over the rainbow lies a magical, emerald island named Dominica. For my latest project with adventurer/filmmaker/soul surfer/naked and afraid survivor, Alison Teal, we set off to the island of Dominica deep within the Caribbean. The island of Dominica is the most mountainous island in the Caribbean with hundreds of rivers, countless waterfalls, volcanic hot springs, world class diving and not to mention, abundant wild life like whales, dolphin and parrots!

Escape to Nusa Lembongan

We escaped from the mainland to the island of Nusa Lembongan, a short speed boat ride away. Lembongan being a much mellower, uncrowded, and less developed place, was the ultimate spot to relax and surf. We hit the waves during high tide, watched the seaweed farmers harvest at low tide, and got to see some of the most gorgeous sunsets.