Swimming with Horses in the Caribbean

Somewhere over the rainbow lies a magical, emerald island called Dominica. For my latest project with adventurer/filmmaker/soul surfer Alison Teal, we set off to the island of Dominica deep within the Caribbean. The island of Dominica is the most mountainous island in the Caribbean with hundreds of rivers, countless waterfalls, volcanic hot springs, world class diving and not to mention, abundant wild life like whales and dolphin and parrots!

As a child growing up on 26 acres of farm land in Hawaii surrounded by dense forest, I was obsessed with horses. Because I was also a competitive swimmer, one of my childhood dreams was to swim with horses in the ocean. While in Dominica, that dream came true! Sure, it wasn’t like the romanticized scene from the first Black Stallion film set on a deserted stretch of white sandy beach, but it sure came close.

Big thanks to Lucia Corrigan & Rainforest Riding in Portsmouth for making this happen.

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