Cloud Nine - 5x7 Limited Edition Glass Print

 cloud 9
 cloud 9
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Cloud Nine - 5x7 Limited Edition Glass Print


Each photo is printed via dye sublimation on the back of a tempered glass panel.

Viewed from the front through the full 1/8” thickness of the glass. 

Smooth ground edges, gloss finish. 


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Display Ideas:

  • Pop one into your favorite 5x7 frame, just take off the original glass that came with the frame!

  • Stick it in a backless float frame for extra dimension.

  • Lean it against your windowsill or a shelf. Since it’s semi-opaque, the sun will light it up from behind.

  • Use glue dots and stick it straight to the wall.

Cleaning/care: Use a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to wipe dust and fingerprints. This glass is not scratch-proof therefore please don’t set either side down on any abrasive surfaces. 

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